Bloomington, IN: IU Baseball vs Purdue (5/2/14)

In honor of IU Baseball heading into the postseason this week (they're the #1 seed in the Big Ten Tournament), here are a few photos from the one baseball game we caught this year back on May 2nd versus Purdue.

IU Baseball plays at the still-new Bart Kaufman Field, which is north of campus in the same complex as the football stadium. The parking lot is the same (go to Gate 10 or 11 to get to the baseball parking lot) and is free for baseball.

The stadium is really nice and looks fantastic.

General admission tickets for faculty/staff and students are free with IU ID! We got good seats right behind IU's on deck circle. The seats right behind home plate cost extra. This is a shot before the game started; the crowd filled it in later. (PS. I would recommend bringing some kind of bleacher seat cushion to sit on; only the seats behind home plate have backs.)

The night we went was really cold (47-50 degrees) and we didn't have a blanket, so we decided to leave at the top of the 7th. IU ended up winning 6-0 and it was a lot of fun to watch. IU went to the College World Series last year so we wanted to make sure to catch one of their games this year. They are once again playing really well. At the time of the game we attended, they were ranked #11 overall, and as of today, they are #8. Go IU!
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