Final Four - North Texas 2014 - Trip Recap

And that wraps it up from our Final Four trip to Dallas! Here's a small recap of our trip with some of my favorite highlights :) You can read up on everything about the trip on the Adventures page. I also included a Google map so you can see exactly where the majority of places we went are.

Favorite Weird Things We Saw Driving
The highway exits in Arkansas and Texas are terrifying and confusing. There are also cities called Texarkana and Arkadelphia, which are just kind of awesome.

Favorite Sports Experience
The Final Four games ended happier than the championship game, so I'll go with that :)

Favorite Place We Ate
The atmosphere at Twisted Root Burger Co. was so fun.

Favorite Outdoorsy Thing
Although the bathhouse tour was inside, we were technically in a national park the whole time we were in Hot Springs checking out Bathhouse Row. That totally counts.

Favorite Museum
My favorite was the Monnig Meteorite Gallery.

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