Bloomington, IN: BBQ Train at Short Stop Food Mart

If you are in Bloomington on Thursdays during the summer and need somewhere to go for lunch (or dinner), this is your place. 

Short Stop Barbeque Train sets up shop at the Short Stop Food Mart gas station on the corner of Smith and 10th St.

The smell of pulled pork barbeque will find you before you find a parking spot and surround you while you eat at their outdoor seating.

The food is really good. I have had BBQ Train several times (they also cater and we've had it at work several times) and always get the pulled pork sandwich with sweet bbq sauce. The other stuff looks good too but this sandwich always wins. I got the $6 lunch special this particular day, which included this sandwich, a drink, and chips. (The sandwich is $5 by itself.)

They are open from 11am-7pm 10:30am-6:30pm on Thursdays. They are usually incredibly busy so go at a weird time to get parking and quick food. If you like pulled pork and barbeque, the claim they make that it's the best bbq in Btown is not unfounded.
Bloomington, IN: BBQ Train at Short Stop Food Mart Bloomington, IN: BBQ Train at Short Stop Food Mart Reviewed by Maria on 3:00:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. Correction, the BBQ Train is open from 1030am-630pm.

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