Fort Worth, TX: Final Four Bracket Town

Bracket Town at this year's Final Four was at the Dallas Convention Center in downtown Dallas, about half an hour from Cowboys Stadium. 

I understand that there wasn't anywhere to host it in Arlington, but it was annoying that the games were in one city and the other activities were in another (the concerts were also in Dallas). In Atlanta last year we could walk to all the events from our hotel, which was really nice, and I wish we could have been able to do that here too.

Bracket Town was pretty much exactly like last year except there were no fancy Coke vending machines. Since Eric's sister hadn't been, we wanted her to experience it.

There are tons and tons of people and long lines. You can participate in various sports competitions (make sure to get your waiver wrist band first) and do social media things to get prizes.

Hands down the best part of this year's Bracket Town was this random guy doing tricks at one of the Wilson booth (where you can see how a basketball is made and buy Final Four basketballs).

I wish I had been video taping because it was pretty cool (although perhaps not entirely real).

Bracket Town costs $10 per day. If you have tickets to all the games, you get one day included with your tickets on a pass that comes in the mail (don't forget it at home). I'm not sure we would go to it again unless we have someone with us who hasn't been; there are just so many people and it isn't that fun to wait in such long lines.
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