Monday Notes

Regular posts will return tomorrow :)

- Thanksgiving was great! We had 21 people in our condo and it actually didn't feel too crowded (once people sat down to dinner). The kids got along (or better), even! There was an enormous amount of food and a lot that didn't get consumed, so our fridge is full of leftovers :) Everyone sang happy birthday to me and we ate cake post-turkey. Speaking of the turkey...I made it myself and it turned out to be the best turkey I've ever had in my life. I brined it overnight in a sugar and kosher salt brine. I'll post the recipe soon.

- Friday we put up our tree and some other decorations. We are debating whether to put up outside lights and where they should go. So exciting! Photos coming later this week, once things in our condo get a little back to normal after the holiday and house guests :)

- I can't believe it's already December. How did this happen?! I have turned into a present-buying machine...normally I pick things up all throughout the year, but this year I only managed to get a couple gifts, so I need to buy a ton of things in the next week! (Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and farmer's markets.) Any recommendations for moms and dads? It's easy for me to find things for my brother and usually easy to think of things for Eric (although this year it's starting to get harder), but any ideas are always welcome.

How was your holiday? Any funny stories? Ours is summed up by a) the only person we didn't ask to bring any food to Thanksgiving turned out to be a trained, highly-skilled chef, who was then really impressed with my turkey and apparent calmness during the whole event and b) little kids are seriously enamored with Eric (this time they rejoiced in shooting him with Nerf guns and also just sticking Nerf darts to his clothing) :)
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