Goals for Self

2014 is going to be the Year of Opportunities!

No better way to get that started than to create my own luck through good health and education.

My main goal this year is to get healthy. As someone who LOVES chocolate, I eat way too much sugar. I'm not necessarily unhealthy or overweight, but I have put on a few pounds since getting a stress fracture via cross country during college, and I feel like I could be a lot healthier than I am. I haven't been able to exercise like I used to (soccer 6 days a week, running several miles a day, etc), but a few months ago I found deep water exercise, which has been great--except in the winter. (I have zero desire to be cold and wet when it's 10 degrees outside and dark.) The system I'm going to use to get healthy is going to progress throughout the year and hopefully land on something that I can sustain for years to come. Part 1 is to greatly cut down on processed sugar intake, with the added hope that eating less sugar will make me want less sugar. Especially with the holidays, I have been eating cookies and candies and drinking all kinds of sugary drinks...and I can tell that I'm sluggish and feel not as great as I should. Part 2 is to get back into exercising regularly, whether that is 50 push-ups before taking a shower or going to deep water exercise or going on a walk at lunch; I just need to get some movement into my day! (This would, of course, be way easier with a job that didn't involve sitting at the computer for most of the day, but I'm dealing!) Part 3 is taking care of myself and making myself feel better from both the outside in and the inside out. I'm going to get regular haircuts (right now, I'm lucky if I get one a year) and actually try to make my hair look nice, hopefully get a massage every couple of months, take care of my nails, drink a lot of tea and water, find time to relax and be at peace each day, and just not worry too much.

My other goal this year is to keep learning. In particular, I want to learn how to use my camera better. Right now it's a lot of trial and error and I know I could be taking much better photos. In conjunction with that, I want to learn how to use Photoshop. We get a ton of editing software through IU, along with access to Lynda.com, and I really want to take advantage of that! I also want to learn how to brew beer. I got Eric a 1 gallon starter kit (from Northern Brewer) for his main present this year with the hopes that we can be successful and learn how to brew our own beer! Lastly, I want to start experimenting with 3D printing, although without a printer I'm not sure how to go about that just yet.

In the back of my mind is always the thought of starting my own business. This year I am truly going to take opportunities for creating side income with the hopes that something really cool and viable will happen. I have so many ideas and no way to implement them right now without a lot of education and capital and help. In my head, it is always Future Maria's opportunities that lead to creating these ideas. Well, why can't Current Maria do this? There is really no better time than right now. We are going to be here for several years and  don't have any other big obligations or responsibilities besides work and school. I am excited to see what this year will bring. Let's do this!
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