Monday Notes

The snow finally stopped coming down around 9pm Friday night, and various news outlets reported that Bloomington got somewhere between 8.5-10.1 inches. This was my car after work on Friday, just 8 hours of being out there. It was crazy and would have been more awesome if Btown was better at clearing roads :) In actuality it took us like half an hour to get home (vs 10 minutes normally) because we went 5-10mph the entire trip.

Eric shoveled our driveway twice on Friday (once in the morning and once when we got home from work). I had just casually picked up a shovel at Target on Monday night, so, good timing! Saturday all our driveways were cleared for us, so that was nice.

This weekend we just attended a couple of holiday parties and watched football. The big snowfall impacted a lot of decisions (i.e. I didn't go to the farmer's market Saturday morning) and it's way safer to just stay inside when the roads are ice! Our driveway this morning was preeeetty slick too, thanks to the extra "wintry mix" that fell yesterday. Looks like we'll be getting more snow tonight too! I love it. I've missed having regular snow in the really makes the cold more bearable, as long as it's not dangerous. :)

I have rekindled a love with my DSLR, so hopefully I'll get to posting more (much higher quality) photos on here soon. First up will be our Christmas decorations!
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