2013 in Review

2013 has been quite the year. I started it off by taking a day trip to NYC to see Val and Evan. Then Eric and I went to an inaugural ball at a swanky DC hotel. I got a smartphone and new computer. Eric turned 26. I won admission for two to the SABR Analytics Conference in Phoenix, and we went to San Diego and San Francisco for Spring Break. We surprised our dads with tickets to the Final Four in Atlanta, and despite Louisville winning, had a great time. I graduated on the National Mall with my Master's degree and won an award. Eric left his first job. We spent months traveling back and forth trying to buy a house and wound up renting a condo. We moved from Maryland to Indiana. We spent all of July traveling, first to Tennessee and then to a 2-week jaunt around Michigan, ending with Robbie's wedding. I started my first real job. Eric's parents sold his childhood home. Eric started his Ph.D. We saw lots of live sports, live concerts, and live shows. We hosted many mostly-Thursday-night dinner parties and saw friends regularly. We had more than one trick-or-treater. My gramma passed away. We hosted Thanksgiving for 21 people. I turned 26. We attended and hosted several holiday parties. We spent Christmas in a cabin in the mountains in Tennessee. We are sending it off by hosting a New Year's Eve party tonight.

Here's hoping 2014 includes more of the same: fun travel, good friends, happiness, love, and lots of opportunities.
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