Monday Notes

We had a lovely time in Tennessee at our #ChristmasCabin (despite not having heat in the basement-where we were supposed to sleep-the first night, and Eric getting a sore throat and not feeling great for half the trip). Christmas was awesome and do you see that view?! I know I kept posting so many pictures of just the view on Instagram but I couldn't help myself :) I'll have a full recap of our vacation later this week. We ate a lot, played at the cabin, went to Dollywood, and went up into the mountains one day.

Also coming up this week is New Year's! (FOR REAL, I have spent most of 2013 thinking that 2012 went by too I have to think about 2014 already?) I have a lot of things I want to accomplish in 2014, both for myself and for this blog. I'll have those up later today and tomorrow!

Finally, I signed up for a couple subscription boxes. Have you guys heard of those, like Birchbox? I was wondering if anyone would mind if I started putting reviews of them up here. I'd like to remember what I got in each box and think it would be fun. This blog is constantly evolving and I'm still figuring out exactly what I want it to be, but I think having a few different sections (travel, boxes, normal life, etc) is the way I'm leaning. Let me know what you think :)

Do you have any fun plans for New Year's Eve? We are having a small party at our place if you're in town. ;)
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