DC: Library of Congress (CWRU Alum Reception)

Wednesday evening we went to an alumni reception at the Library of Congress. Apparently Case Western has a huge representation in the DC metro area because the place was packed!

Eric knew a couple of people there, so we talked with them and ate lots of hors de'ourves. Have you noticed a trend in the past two weeks with us and events involving hors de'ourves? This was the fourth event we've been to serving them. I'm not complaining. Last night they had little bites of lobster.

A Senator from Ohio spoke (above), and the President of Case was also there (below), as well as some other Congress people who I didn't get photos of. There were a bunch of other faculty and staff there as well, which was kind of cool.

I had never been to the Library of Congress, which makes me sad, and actually I didn't even know what it looked like. I certainly didn't know it was comprised of three buildings. Below is the Thomas Jefferson Building, and it was by far the most gorgeous building I have seen in DC.

We were not in this building, but we were in the James Madison one, which was not as pretty but wasn't that ugly either. And inside was very nice! We hung out with James and read his quotes on the wall.

Unfortunately we didn't get to go wander around or explore, but at least now we can say we've been there.


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