Alexandria, VA: Torpedo Factory Art Museum & A Glass Harpist

We took a cruise from Georgetown to Alexandria on a Friday afternoon/evening. Our plan was to wander Alexandria for a little bit and then have dinner before heading back on the boat. We had been to Alexandria once prior only a few weeks ago, so we had our bearings and didn't need to stop in every little shop.

One thing we didn't do last time was stop at the Torpedo Factory Art Museum. It is named such because it was an actual torpedo factory during WWII. This is my artsy photo of an old torpedo at the factory.

Now it's a place for artists to have their studios and to display art.

I do like art, but unless I'm looking at French impressionist paintings, I probably like making it myself more than looking at it (once upon a time I spent many years painting, drawing, sculpting, carving, pasting, etc.). The two main displays out in the hallway were ceramic bone piles. I could have done without them, but to each his own. There were some other pieces by the studios that I like more, and in the studios for sale were some very nice works.

After we wandered, rode the free King St Trolley up and down, and had dinner, we were headed back to the boat when we saw a crowd of people gathered around a musician. The musician turned out to be Jamey Turner playing his glass harp. If you have never seen or heard one of these played in person, it is a fantastic experience. I could have listened all night. (He is really good, by the way.)

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