DC: Hello, Dolly! at Ford's Theater

For Mother's Day, Eric's mom came to town for one last visit before we move, and we had several things planned. First on the list was going to see a show at Ford's Theater. Ford's Theater offers some discounted tickets for people under age 35, if you are willing to go to the show at a nontraditional time. We wanted to see Hello, Dolly!, and they had discounted tickets for the noon show on Friday. Eric was already taking that day off, so it worked out well.

We got to the show about 45 minutes early, and that gave us a few minutes to check out the museum in the basement of the theater. With the ticket to the show, you can visit the museum for free. The catch is that the museum is only open before the show starts and during intermission. We didn't know that and thought we'd be able to go afterward, but that was not the case. The museum was very interesting and it has a lot of material, so I would suggest getting there early and checking it out.

Ford's Theater itself is nice but a little small. The booth where Lincoln was shot is cordoned off and decorated with flags. We were sitting in the left balcony (stage right) and there were definitely times when we couldn't see what was happening on that side of the stage, but it wasn't too bad.


Hello, Dolly! was fun, with some good acting and singing. I love musicals and hadn't seen it before, so it was really enjoyable for me.
DC: Hello, Dolly! at Ford's Theater DC: Hello, Dolly! at Ford's Theater Reviewed by Maria on 8:26:00 AM Rating: 5

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