Atlanta, GA: Final Four 2013

We have been running around looking at houses all weekend! Very exciting...wish us luck on finding a great place for us :)

Back to basketball, after we hiked up and down Stone Mountain, it was time to head over to the Georgia Dome to get ready for the Final Four games that night.

We could get into the Georgia Dome at 4pm for the 6pm game, so of course we did. A fun thing that happened was that as we were walking from our hotel to the dome, we got picked up by the Totino's golf cart. He gave us sweat bands and swung by a Totino's stand and we got free pizza rolls. And our walk was cut significantly short! Pretty awesome.

Anyway, we were some of the first people inside. The dome is huge. This picture is from our seats...they weren't bad, but we definitely used the binoculars and giant scoreboard to see close-ups of what was happening.

It was a fun atmosphere, even if we were mostly surrounded by Louisville fans. It was a little surreal to be at the Final Four. It would have been way more fun if teams we truly cared about where there (IU, UK, Butler), but it was still a great time with our dads and getting to go to these intense games.

Before the security people made us leave, we got to go way down into some close seating and got a few pictures of Charles Barkley and the other analysts.

The teams came out of the locker rooms to fire which was very cool. The first game was Louisville vs Wichita State, and we cheered so hard for Wichita State (the Louisville hatred was strong with our party) that we were physically exhausted for the next game, Michigan vs Syracuse. We hated seeing Wichita State lose, but at least Michigan was still in it (one of the only teams that comes close to the Louisville hatred is Syracuse).

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