DC: GW School of Business Graduation Gala at the National Portrait Gallery

Last night (yes, a Tuesday night) was George Washington's School of Business commencement gala. Only a couple of the individual schools have galas, so I felt lucky that my school had one, even if it was on a weeknight and Eric has to wake up at 5:30am each workday morning. Thankfully he agreed to come with me anyway.

We got dressed up (I should rephrase that: I got dressed up, and Eric remained in the clothes he went to work in, a suit) and drove down to the National Portrait Gallery. We parked on the street a few blocks away because I couldn't find the valet parking (we did eventually see it as we walked up to the NPS steps). I have no idea if the valet parking was free or not, but everything else was*!

We had fancy hors d'oeuvres including duck and brie pizza, dijon beef, four cheese ravioli, ratatouille, beef curry dim sum, couscous, and some veggies. Dessert was more amazing with macarons (the chocolate were so good), some kind of meringue chocolate cake pops that were amazing, and an ice cream bar with various toppings. GW definitely knows how to do hors d'oeuvres (also evidenced in the inauguration ball). We also received 5 tickets for alcoholic drinks; they had a few beers, wines, and a vodka-lemonade that was tasty.

We didn't do much dancing, but there was a live band that was decent, and during the band's breaks there was dance music played. We found a few people I knew to talk with as well. (Grad school has been a much different experience for me, as far as meeting people goes. I knew or only recognized maybe 10 people at this whole event.) We couldn't stay too late, but it was fun while we were there.

The event itself was in the garden area of the National Portrait Gallery. We didn't get to wander around the museum (hey, a girl can dream) but the garden area was lit up and it was fun to see it at night.

* I assume that the massive amount of money that GW extorts from all the students helps to pay for this. ;) Mostly I'm just noting that I didn't have to pay anything extra for this gala, which was great especially considering the inaugural ball's price tag; I was a little worried! 
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