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Happy Labor Day! Enjoy the day whether you have it off or not :)

It's been quite some time since I've provided a proper update. The past month was busy! We moved from our condo on the south side to a townhouse on the northwest side. It feels quite a bit bigger (much thanks to the large windows that let in tons of light). We gained an extra room that we are calling the library -- all our books are in there, plus a fireplace and a couple of recliners, among other stuff (coughliquorcough). It is three levels, with a 2 car garage and laundry on the street level, the library, kitchen, and living room on the main level, and our bedroom, the guest room, and the office/gym on the top level. We also have a patio with two garden beds on the main level and a walk-out balcony off the master bedroom. Ignoring that whoever lived here before us was not nearly as conscientious as we are about making things nice, it has been pretty good so far. I am planning on doing a house tour here when we start getting decorations up.

The weekend after we moved in, we went down to the Outer Banks with Eric's mom and sister. Eric and my first vacation was to the OBX (it marks when we first started unofficially dating), so it feels special to me. We had a good time and even had a few days of sunshine :) We stayed in a condo right on the beach, which was awesome. We did all kinds of things, including visiting the last two lighthouses Eric and I didn't see back in 2009. I will be recapping the whole trip in the next couple of weeks.

When we got back from vacation, it was time for me to start my new job. I think at this point almost everyone knows (thanks to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook), but I am now teaching computer science at my alma mater, DePauw University! It is pretty much a dream job. I love teaching, love DePauw, and am loving the job so far. Classes started last week, so hopefully I will continue feeling like this the rest of the year :) It is amazing to be back on campus almost every day. It is not weird, and it feels pretty cool to be a professor, although I do find myself getting a little bit jealous of the students ;) DPU was such a great time, and I find myself feeling like I should remind them that it goes by so fast and to take advantage of everything the school has to offer. It is also super nice to be back up at the Nature Park. I am planning on running there whenever I get the chance! If any of my DPU friends are coming back to campus for anything this year (Old Gold? Monon? etc), please let me know! You should plan on seeing a lot more posts coming from Greencastle now, too.

Those are the big things that have happened in the past month! This past weekend, too, was jam packed with stuff going on in downtown Bloomington. I literally did All The Things (except go to the football game), and will be writing about it all this week! I am hoping to continue posting most days with a similar schedule as to how I was doing it earlier this year.
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