Bloomington, IN: Makevention

Labor Day weekend was jam-packed with activities in Bloomington. I hopped over to the convention center during the rain and checked out Makevention.

Makevention is an annual event where makers of all kinds can come and show off their stuff. There were about 30 different booths set up all across the main floor of the convention center.

Bloominglabs had set up a how-to-pick-locks station. They also had a laser wood cutter that was cutting wood for the badges -- a cool, working-gears badge was available for purchase if you were a spectator. This area smelled great, like burning balsam wood, which brought back a lot of solar car-building memories from middle school.

There was a whole half a room full of Legos. You could buy all kinds of stuff, or you could watch Lego balls go around tracks forever and ever. These contraptions were pretty cool and seemed like a big hit.

In the other half of the room occupied by the Legos was this giant robot ball toy. Bloomington High School South has a robotics team (take a moment to think about how awesome that is) and somebody was controlling this with a game console connected to a computer. I foolishly didn't read up about their invention, but if anybody else saw this and wants to fill me in, please do.

Tucked away in a corner, hidden under black cloth, was this craziness. The girl with the wand was tapping the eggs and changing the color. I couldn't find any signage to find out what it was made of, but it was entrancing to watch.

There was a booth that took apart musical toys and figured out where the music came from...then hacked it into different music.

Of course there were 3D printers. I saw two (but that doesn't mean there weren't more). I liked the fluorescent colors of the chess pieces that were made on this Replicator.

Some group was building proximity-aware lighted jewelry. You can get your hand close to this pendant and it will change colors. Take it away and it slowly fades back.

Someone had giant printed gears you could buy and build your own gear play table with.

Makevention happens at the end of August each year, so be sure to put it on your calendar if you're interested in stuff like this (like me!). I personally wish it happened more often, since there are so many cool things going on around the area (and in technology in general), and I want to see what everyone else is coming up with.
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