South Bend, IN: Notre Dame Campus

The first place we stopped on our Michigan trip was South Bend. Our stop here was mostly for selfish reasons - one of my BFFs is in med school there (hi Court!) and I hadn't seen her for ages. There was no way I was going to be that close and NOT see her :) It also worked out that I got to see another friend, A of Equal Parts of a Whole, while she was working in SB over the summer, which was also awesome. The three of us even got to have lunch (at McAllister's, because every time Courtney and I have lunch it is at McAllister's) before Eric and I continued up north.

We stayed with Courtney that night and got to do some fun things that we have missed since college (like staying up waaay too late except it's only 1am; why can't my body handle that anymore?!). She also took us mini-sightseeing on Notre Dame's campus because I had never been to Notre Dame.

It was so pretty!

We pretty much just saw the Touchdown Jesus library and church. And Moses doing a hook shot.

I always enjoy checking out college campuses (the architecture and landscaping are so beautiful), even if we are with someone who doesn't go there or know what most of the buildings are ;) I do think that visiting campus is really important when deciding on a school. I actually knew that I was going to go to DePauw the second I stepped out of the car for my visit, despite not even wanting to apply to it and my dad basically making me apply. (It was seriously just like in the movies when there is a love-at-first-sight-you-just-know scene.)

Anyway, pretty much the only thing in South Bend is Notre Dame ;) So if you are ever up there, check it out!
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  1. Thanks for the shout out :) It was soooo good to see your face! And you have a point, we do always seem to end up having lunch at McAlister's (this is not something I see as a problem, personally, because McAlister's is delicious!).


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