Columbus, IN: REO Speedwagon Concert at Mill Race Park (8/17)

We went to another outdoor concert this summer after we got back from Michigan. REO Speedwagon came to my hometown, and there was no way I was missing it! REO is one of my dad's favorite bands (Journey is the other one), so I made sure to alert him to the concert so he would be able to go. We got tickets several weeks in advance, and then joined several thousand of our closest friends for the concert!

These guys can still play. Really play. I took video but can't find it now ( a different problem). Suffice it to say, though, that this was a really enjoyable concert. Lots of people on their feet (especially at the end), and I had a good time being able to go with my dad, who definitely enjoyed it ;) Columbus brings a lot of big name (or former big name) bands in to play at this park, Mill Race. I've also seen the Monkeys here! REO was part of the Rock the Park series this summer. There is also a Hospice concert which is free and attracts thousands and thousands of people (pretty much the whole city is downtown during these concerts). We went to these as kids, and I have really good memories of running around with glow sticks and soccer balls while music fell around my ears.
Columbus, IN: REO Speedwagon Concert at Mill Race Park (8/17) Columbus, IN: REO Speedwagon Concert at Mill Race Park (8/17) Reviewed by Maria on 10:00:00 AM Rating: 5

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