Happy November

I definitely fell off the blogging bandwagon and also fell off my walking. But I still took some photos in the past few weeks :) And I also ran a 5K for the first time since college, and that was extremely exciting! Here are a few photos I'd like to share:

IU is the most beautiful campus, and it is even more beautiful in the fall, if that's possible.

A hawk lives in a tree near Ballantine Hall on campus.

I saw the new entrance to DePauw for the first time and burst into tears, so we drove back at night so I could take a photo instead of blubbering.

We decorated outside for Halloween.

Over fall break we went down to Lexington and went to Keeneland!

The Barenaked Ladies played at the IU Auditorium! It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

We power washed our patio...can you believe how dirty that is??

The IU Cross Country course is my new favorite place to run (sorry, DPU nature park!), because it's all grass and my foot didn't hurt a bit.

Running! Running! I did the 5K (which was really 3.2 miles) in 35 minutes. Not bad for not having run in 4 years.

We went to Pacers Opening Night with my dad. Victor Oladipo came in and immediately fouled a guy. Then his first basket was a 3 pointer. The crowd was wild for him.

Another first-year in Eric's department had us over for a traditional Beijing hot pot and a tea-chat. The tea was so good and he just kept making it so I kept drinking it :)

I can't believe it's already November. How is this possible? I hope you all are having as beautiful an autumn as we are here! It has been the most refreshing thing to have all these trees around us.
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