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This week has been a little crazy. I've been sick since Saturday and have mostly been sleeping when home instead of doing anything else (like getting ready for Thanksgiving!), my gram took a turn for the worse and is now at Hospice, and we had some insane storms come through on Sunday. The Midwest was pummeled with tornadoes. We luckily just got a lot of rain and wind, but it was still heart-pounding (especially to someone with no basement). The pictures are from Sunday.

When?: November 17, 2013

Where?: Our condo

Why?: The show the progression of the sky during the storms. One second it was blue skies and sunny, and the next it was incredibly dark. The picture directly above was after the storms had passed through and we had an amazing sunset. A lot of people saw rainbows too.

How?: With my smartphone, a Google Nexus 4

Please keep everyone affected in your thoughts, especially as we enter the cold weather and holidays.
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