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Deal with Hershey's Puts an End to Import of Cadbury Chocolates (I love Yorkies, Dairy Milk, and pretty much all their other chocolates. It's much better tasting than Hershey's. This makes me so sad! Guess we will need to go to England and get some!!)

Humor, Mostly Sports Related
Colts Mascot Beats Up Patriots Mascot with Inflatable Chair (The reaction to this in Indy seems to be one of appreciation. There are a couple good inflation/deflation comments in this article too.)

This Guy's Pet Rabbit Brings Him Beer on a Tiny Cart (I'm kind of allergic to rabbits but I wouldn't be opposed to one bringing me a beer on a tiny cart)

NFL 2015 - A Bad Lip Reading (You've probably seen this already but it's still worth posting. I'm not a plant.)

Drew Brees, #Deflategate Expert (via Eric) (Brees with Conan; it is very funny)

How to Tell When a Robot Has Written You a Letter (via Kottke)

The Queen of Code (also via Eric) (A short, well-done video on Grace Hopper from ESPN Films)
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