Small Change

After a lot of thought over the past couple months, I decided to stop sending my Instagram photos directly to the blog (I was using an IFTTT recipe to do so). It felt like I was cluttering up the blog without adding any particular value. Those 118 posts have been all deleted and everything feels a little bit more fresh.

You can see my most recent Instagram photos over there on the right ------->
and you can always straight-up follow me to see what we're up to!

PS. I'm still planning on a pretty complete layout change sometime in the near future. I have a lot of ideas on what to do, and really want to make this site into a great travel resource (which means making all the information much easier to access). It's just a matter of figuring out how to do it (unlike on Wordpress, it's harder to do a complete overhaul of a site, but I just can't quit Blogger for the ease of getting my photos into these posts). If anyone has advice or experience on this, let me know.
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