Our Christmas Tree Ornaments

Current Ornament Count: 93

Our adventures usually involve picking up an ornament or two from wherever it is we are. I thought I'd do a breakdown with all of our ornaments and keep it updated throughout the years. (I'll continue to do whole-down decoration breakdowns too!)

The ornaments are pictured from newest to oldest.

Places We've Lived
Each year we've lived together, I've given Eric an ornament that represents the area we currently live in. I hope to continue this fun tradition our whole lives.

2014 - Bloomington, IN
Found an a thrift store, stripped, and repainted
"1st Engaged Christmas" on back

2013 - Bloomington, IN
Found at By Hand Gallery
Made of Indiana limestone

2012 - Silver Spring, MD
Maryland Blue Crab
Found in Ellicott City, MD

2011 - Silver Spring, MD
White House
Found at White House Gift Shop

Places We've Traveled
We like souvenirs that will actually be enjoyed, so early on in our relationship we decided to start buying ornaments for our (then non-existent) tree from the places we travel to. It is a truly great tradition and makes our tree completely one of a kind. It also ensures we get a few new unique ornaments each year!

August 2014 - Family trip to the Outer Banks
Found in souvenir shop
Made of wood and (faux?) leather

August 2014 - Family trip to the Outer Banks
Currituck, NC, Lighthouse
Found at Currituck Lighthouse gift shop

May 2014 - Anniversary/school's out trip to Colorado
(turned into engagement trip)
Found at Colorado Railroad Museum gift shop
March 2014 - Spring Break Florida Trip
Found at Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL

July 2013 - Loop Around Lake Michigan Trip
Chicago, IL, skyline
Present from my brother Raph, Christmas 2014

July 2013 - Loop Around Lake Michigan Trip
Christmas, MI, Lighthouse
Found in Christmas, MI, Christmas store

July 2013 - Loop Around Lake Michigan Trip
Marquette, MI, Harbor Lighthouse
Found in Marquette Harbor Lighthouse gift shop

April 2013 - Great Smoky Mountains
Found at Smoky Mountains Visitor's Center
March 2013 - Spring Break Trip to AZ/CA
San Diego, CA

March 2013 - Spring Break Trip to AZ/CA
San Diego, CA

2013 - National Air and Space Museum visit
Found at the gift shop

October 2012 - Delaware Road Trip
(in lieu of a Hurricane Sandy-impacted Bahamas cruise)
Rehoboth Beach, DE

August 2012 - Trip to Maine
Indestructible ornament
Portland, ME

2011 - Mount Vernon Visit
Found at Mount Vernon, VA, gift shop 
2011 - Mount Vernon Visit
Found at Mount Vernon, VA, gift shop

2011 - Annapolis Visit
Blown glass ball from Mt St Helen's ash
Found at Easy Street in Annapolis, MD

2011 - Annapolis Visit
Maple leaf dipped in copper
Found at Easy Street in Annapolis, MD

2012 - Nashville, IN
Leaf dipped in gold

Found in shop in Nashville, IN

2012 - Waynesville, OH

2012 - Nashville, IN

Sports & School Ornaments

2014 - Indiana University
Found at thrift store in Nashville, IN

2012 - Cincinnati Reds
Given by Eric's parents

2013 - IU

2013 - Cincinnati Bengals

2013 - Indianapolis Colts

2011 or 2012 - DePauw University
It's a stick pin from the Monon Telecast party that we put a hook on
The outside lights up

2012? Baseball
From Kohl's (our only self-bought mass-produced ornament, I think)

Childhood Memories
My mom has given me several ornaments that used to be mine from childhood, hers, and even my grandma's.
Stained glass stocking
My mom's

Stained glass snowman
My mom's

Antique glass ball
Says "Merry Christmas"
My grandma's

Metal Santa in sleigh
Says "Tom", my grandpa's name
My grandpa's

San Francisco cable car
Mine from childhood

San Francisco cable car
Mine from childhood

Needlepoint bear
Used to be able to press tummy and it would play a song
Mine from childhood

Mine from childhood

Mine from childhood

Antique glass
My grandma's

Brass(?) tree
My mom's

Music note
Mine from childhood

Carousel horse
Mine from childhood

Mine from childhood

Mine from childhood

Three stars above are all soft cloth stars
From my aunt
Mine from childhood
Snoopy here and below are from Eric's childhood

Things That Weren't Originally Ornaments
Besides the DePauw ornament above, we have converted some other things into ornaments that weren't originally so.

2012 - 3D printed fireplace with stockings
I visited the MakerBot store in NYC and brought this back
We didn't have a mantle at the time and I wanted a place to hang stockings

2014 - Mt Bierstadt Zipper Pull
In the process of being ornament-a-fied
Not much Mt Bierstadt stuff exists and I want all of it

Stuff That Used to be On Presents
Some decorations are too pretty to throw away.

Other Ornaments

Possibly the best ornament of all time
"How do you think Santa knows who's been bad!"
From the DIA, 2013

I made Eric a double-sided ornament of our proposal on Mt Bierstadt

Joe Cool plays music from his jukebox
From Eric's parents

Soccer players from Eric's parents

Flying pig
Represents Cincinnati, 2011
Found at Easy Street in Annapolis, MD

Glass hummingbird
From my grandma Ella, 2014

Eric's parents started a tradition of giving us the light-up lighthouses from Hallmark



From me to Eric, full of M&Ms, 2015

Gift with purchase of snowflake below (3 of them)

Glittery snowflake (we have 2 of these)
Bought at same time as bell above, 2012

Bought at auction, Annapolis Junction

Found at a garage sale in Bloomington

From Eric's parents

From Eric's aunt

Wind up snowman music box
Found at antique store

Happy birthday to me 2014
From our friends Christine, Yu, Xuan & Jie, Alisa & Cris in Bloomington

Glittery (8)
Found at antique store in Waynesville, OH


The three ornaments above were all found in an antique/gift store in Waynesville, OH in 2011. They light up with different colors inside.

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