Pigeon Forge, TN: Dollywood

We got to go to Dollywood while in Pigeon Forge! (It is a main attraction there, after all.) I didn't really know anything about Dollywood until fairly recently, but it turned out to be really up my alley.

There is a glassblower who lets you watch as he makes items for the gift shop next door. Almost everything in the gift shop is made by the glassblowers at the park.

There are some cool buildings and water running through the park.

There is a train, which you can go on a ride throughout some of the areas of the park which have some more "historic" exhibits (this was really fun actually...but I also just really love trains).

There is a water clock, which I thought was pretty cool.

We also sat in on a magician's show, and the guy was pretty funny. (We wound up buying this backwards clock from the magic shop! It's in our half bathroom for our guests to stumble upon.)

There are also theater shows you can see at the park. We went to Dreamland Drive-In and it was really good (talent of the actors and the show itself were thoroughly enjoyable).

And of course, there are rides! Wild Eagle was hands-down the best ride (SO smooth) and it might actually be one of my favorite theme park rides to date (and I've ridden a lot of roller coasters). Mystery Mine was cool from what happens on the ride (which you'll have to do to find out). And we also rode Thunderhead among some others. I somehow managed to get people to ride a couple of water rides with me, which were fun too (but I like water roller coasters). We didn't get to Splash Country, but maybe we can go sometime else.

But really, Dollywood is a lot of fun and felt different from the other theme parks I've been to (I've been to a lot). The fact that there were not only some really good rides, but also had shows, artists working, some neat shops, and a nice atmosphere really made it enjoyable.
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