Pigeon Forge, TN: Dixie Stampede

One of the big things to do in Pigeon Forge is to go to dinner shows. We went to Dixie Stampede!

They keep their horses out in front, which was fun to see.

We weren't allowed to take pictures during the show, so these are from before it started and after it ended. If you have ever been to something like Medieval Times, Dixie Stampede is really similar in style to that. It was actually really well done. The music and the stunts were pretty great, especially all of the horse stunts!

There were also crazy things like racing ostriches and pigs. So, you should totally go check it out for yourself. We had a good time. The food was good, too! (And it was also done in the eat-it-with-your-hands style.)

Pigeon Forge, TN: Dixie Stampede Pigeon Forge, TN: Dixie Stampede Reviewed by Maria on 10:00:00 AM Rating: 5

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