Photober: Days 5-7

It's my 100th published post! Woo!

Steps this weekend: Around 10,000

In true it's-Monday form, I forgot my pedometer at home this morning, so I have no idea of an exact estimate of steps for today. Oh well! The weather finally got cooler, and my body decided that it wants to constantly cough, so the numbers aren't going to be too high anyway. ;) I mostly want to curl up with a cup of tea and watch the leaves fall.

This weekend, we got several inches of rain! So there were no long walks, but I did make it to the Farmer's Market, where they were having an apple tasting. I tasted a lot of good apples but have no idea of what the names of them were, since we were moving so fast down the line. Let's just say I like all them apples.

The rest of the weekend looked like this:

Rainy and stormy, blowing down 30' limbs into our road.

Today's weather couldn't be nicer for October, though. Here are some from today's short I-just-need-some-air walk:

Did you ever play with these seed packets? I was obsessed with them. We had some in our yard, but the best was when we would go on family walks that took us right need a giant stockpile of them, and I would collect as many as I could and bring them back and hoard the seeds. I used to pretend they were wampum, and I'd also just make random stuff out of them (I did that a lot, most notably with rocks). I just found out this tree in front of my building is this kind of tree...I wonder what grown-up me can think of?

Ah, so beautiful! I would like to be outside all day (or at least sit by a window). :)
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