Columbus, IN: 4th of July QMIX Musical Fireworks

So bear with me ... I know it's October but I have a lot of catching up to do. And who doesn't love fireworks?

The past two years we spent the 4th of July in Washington, DC. Here is our first year recap. The second year we spent at Mount Vernon hanging out with George and Martha and their daytime cannon fireworks, then went to the fireworks on the Mall again, sitting in the shadow of the Washington Monument. I mean...probably the only other place cooler to experience the 4th of July would be Philly.

So that, coupled with my childhood memories of fireworks in my hometown, made this year's 4th of July a bit of a letdown, although I guess I should just be thankful we get a fireworks show. When I was a kid, the main Columbus radio station used to have an enormous fireworks show out over the highway. It was cool. They timed the fireworks to music (mostly patriotic), so you'd crank up your car radio with everyone else around you. My dad has a convertible, so we'd get to watch the skies while laying on the back of the car. And the show seemed to last forever. I remember it going for a good 30-45 minutes.

At some point (when I was either in late high school or college), they moved the fireworks show to the fairgrounds. And then they moved it to the airport, which is where it was this year. It's still musical fireworks, but less patriotic. And we had a heckuva time seeing anything. We were at my dad's office where we were supposed to have a good view, wasn't that great, and was incredibly short to boot (10-15 minutes tops).

But hey, at least we got a fireworks show. Maybe we can try to do something different each year while we're here. I would love to see fireworks over the Ohio River or maybe we could go to Lake Michigan...  :)
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