Hancock, MD: Sideling Hill

The route we would take between Maryland and Ohio/Indiana drove us through some really beautiful parts of Western Maryland. On one of our many trips back and forth between states in early June, we finally had enough time to stop and appreciate one of the coolest roadside attractions, Sideling Hill.

This cut in the mountain is gorgeous and has even more impact in person. On both sides of the highway are rest stops to get out and check it out in person. We stopped on the side heading north, where there is now a defunct visitor's center (the real/current visitor's center and museum is in Hancock, about 6 miles south, which we never had a chance to stop at).

Something especially cool is that there is actually a bridge that goes across the highway (connecting the two rest sides). This felt crazy but awesome, and I got some really great pictures from up here.

Here is what the bridge looks like from above; there is also a walk-up with a lot of stairs off to the side on the mountain (which is the picture under this one).

I am so glad we were able to stop. The day was gorgeous and so was the scenery. Western Maryland is really beautiful in the summer.

I love stopping at roadside attractions, especially beautiful geologic ones! Do you have a favorite?
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