Getting Settled

I promise I haven't fallen off the face of the planet, despite not giving an update in 2 months! We are still in the process of getting settled and figuring out routines. Our Tennessee and Michigan trips were so fun, and I will have lots more to share about those soon. We found a place to live (we are renting a condo...despite putting offers on two houses, it apparently wasn't in the cards for us to buy a house right now, which is fine considering how busy things are going to be). All of our stuff is at our condo and unpacked. We're mostly just in the process of hanging up decorations! I'll give a full house tour later, but here are a couple of photos so far. We bought a grill (which has since been moved to the other side of the patio):

The guest room is decorated with a nautical theme, going off of my lighthouses and those red lamps from Eric's childhood bedroom:

Probably the thing that made the biggest difference is putting up this beautiful (handmade!) lamp from Eric's parents' house:

And we had a pretty sunset last night!

Our neighborhood is nice (condo-land) and quiet. We have a little plot of land that you can sort of see behind the grill in the first picture, where we can plant flowers or veggies or whatever. And it only takes me 10 minutes to get to work...which, if you're keeping track, is (at a minimum) 50 minutes faster than it took me in MD/DC. So life is good!

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