Columbus, IN: ZwanzigZ Brewery

I think it's been mentioned here a few times that Eric and I like to try out breweries. Well, there is a brewery in Columbus that we hadn't been to, so we took advantage of being with my parents to go try it out. ZwanzigZ is actually foremost a pizza place, and the brewery side only opened a couple of years ago. The pizza is pretty good -- we used to come here in high school (after Donato's closed) for our annual Academic Team end-of-the-year pizza parties. 

Well, the beer was pretty good too. We sat at the bar so we could see the cool tab pulls.

I got slightly obsessed with blueberry beer when we went to Maine (they put real blueberries in the glass!) and if blueberry is on the menu, there is almost a 100% chance I am going to order it. But there's a twist! As you can see, there is also chocolate beer on the menu. I also love chocolate. What is a girl to do? I ordered the blueberry beer at first...but then I overheard the bartender (who happened to be a girl I played soccer with in high school; gotta love small towns) suggesting going half and half with blueberry and chocolate. Um, what?! So I tried it. And it was pretty much amazing. There were real blueberries in my glass, and a not-heavy chocolate beer to go with it.

This is a good review of ZwanzigZ if you'd like to know more about it. I would definitely suggest stopping by if you are going through Columbus (it's close to downtown, maybe 7 minutes off I-65), as it's really becoming a staple eatery in town.
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