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Sports (Awesome Things)
It's March Madness. We are about to finish the best 4 days of college basketball of the year. 

Nigel Hayes and his Wisconsin teammates are fascinated by the NCAA stenographer (This is really funny)

You want to see Roy Williams in a mosh pit? Of course you do.

The Bearcats might do one thing better than Kentucky (via Eric)

Keep a One-Sentence Journal to be Happier (Eric got me a journal like this for Valentine's Day! I am enjoying it a lot.)

Whatever Happened to GeoCities, Lycos, Netscape & Other Giants of Web 1.0? (I had soo many GeoCities websites. I have tried to go back and find them in the past few years - via the Wayback Machine, which is the greatest thing ever - but have no idea under what directory they were under.)

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