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America's Quietest Places (map) (I would like to go to all of the blue places and none of the bright places. Have to admit I am surprised at how bright the Midwest is.)

Metaflop - customize fonts (So when I was a kid, I was obsessed with fonts - both because it was fun and because I was doing a lot of "design" work; at that point on the internet, your website was only as good as the graphics you had. I had my own computer and installed over 13,000 different fonts on it. That's not a mistype. And I knew what almost all of the fonts were by name and could tell you what they were just by seeing them (unfortunately I've lost that ability for the most part). The only thing missing was a font designed by me. At the time all of the make-your-own-font software cost money and 12 year old me didn't have any ability to pay for stuff on the internet. I waited years for a free or shareware version and it didn't come out until well past my font-obsessed days. But this looks pretty cool. I haven't figured out how to do serifs yet, which are my favorite kind, but it's fun to play with the sliders!)

Web of Good News (A blog that collects all the feel-good news stories. I wanted to start something like this because I hate reading the news since it's always so depressing. Glad to see someone else did it first!)
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