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See Your Favorite Movies Reimagined as 8-Bit Retro Video Games (Awesome. Completely awesome. Now if you'll excuse me, I need my GameBoy and time to sit and play Zelda and/or Pokemon for several hours.)

Crayon Sculptures (via Kottke)

Florida Company selling "new" 1960s Ford Mustang (Yes please.)

Photo Finish (From NCAA Magazine, a really nice article about a photographer who's been photographing the Final Four for 60 years.)

D1 Sports Costs & Revenue in Indiana (The Indy Star puts out this article every year showing the breakdown of the various public D1 schools in Indiana cost- and revenue-wise for sports. Interesting stuff. Only public schools have to disclose this information.)

How Your Name Affects Your Success (My name matches up not at all with my location, is hard to say and even harder to spell, gets me TSA-searched almost every time I fly... yeah, names definitely matter. But I'd like to say that my list of names to not ever name anyone include all the ones on the most-successful list, so sorry to my future kids.)
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