Bloomington, IN: Hoosier Half 5k Race

This past weekend I ran in my first race since college!

The Hoosier Half Marathon and 5k has become a staple race in Bloomington, drawing people from all over the country. Over 1000 people ran the Half Marathon this year, and over 300 ran the 5k. We all started the race together (there are no heats) and it was a little bit crowded and crazy until people spread out. It was so much fun though, and I'd love to do some more 5k races this summer!

The whole race starts and ends on 17th St across from Assembly Hall. The 5k route takes you up to Walnut, down Walnut to Kirkwood, then Kirkwood to Indiana, and back up to 17th St. The Half Marathon meanders all the way down to Winslow/Tapp and back to 17th St. It's a very hilly course!

My goal for the race was to run a 30 minute or under 5k. I knew the paces I had been running at for the past several weeks and thought that was doable. Also, my previous 5k race times were in the mid-to-high 30 minute range. (I have the distinction to have come in last in every race I've ever run...until 2015.)

I wound up running a 27:21 5k with a pace of 8:50/mile! After my first mile I couldn't stop smiling. I felt great and picked up the speed. Passing people was a new experience for me and it fueled me on. My second mile was over 15 seconds faster than my first, and the third mile was over before I knew it. The race finishes with the uphill on 17th St (the finish line is literally the peak of that hill) and I decided it'd be a great idea to sprint. It really was a great idea and I even passed a few more people on my way to the top! There were professional photographers at the race, including one stationed at the finish line. Here are my finish line photos, if you are interested.

In terms of general results for the 5k race, I was 15th out of 86 in my division (females aged 20-29), 24th out of 204 of all females, and 77th overall to come across the finish line. I was only 7 minutes slower than the women's 5k finisher. I am still feeling proud of myself for not only way surpassing my goal time, but also doing so well overall compared to the rest of the field. Especially for my first race in over 5 years, I think I did pretty well!

After the race, I was directed to go get a medal (all finishers get medals) and a water. Then I was surprised by my friend Christine who was waiting for me at the finish line! It was so awesome of her to come out and watch the end of the race (hopefully she and the other spectators weren't too cold - it was pretty chilly even with the sun, if you weren't running). She took the photo of me you see above :) and we went over to the tents to grab all the food goodies they were handing out: protein bars, bagels, bananas, water, coconut water, and granola bars. The protein bar people took this photo of us. Thanks again, Christine!

I would totally recommend doing the Hoosier Half or 5k if you are looking for a race around Bloomington! It seemed really well set up (parking was easy, registration was easy and online, packet pickup the day before was easy) and was a fun race to run.

An abbreviated version of my running backstory leading up to the race, if you are interested:

In college, as a result of missing varsity team sports after playing them for most of my life, I switched from an IM soccer/frisbee player/casual runner to running for the cross country and track teams. Everything was great until my senior year, when I developed a very painful stress fracture in my left foot. Despite significant time on crutches, in a walking boot, and weeks of PT during cross and track seasons, it turned out that my stress fracture would take literally years to heal. I stopped running after January of 2010.

Fast forward to last summer, June 2014. One of my former co-workers and friends, Jeff, runs (a lot) and is sponsored by a great brewery here in town, Quaff On!. He and another one of his running friends decided to start up the Bloomington Beer Runners Club, a fun social running club that meets at Quaff On every Thursday at 6pm, does a no-pressure run, then comes back to the brewery afterward. Jeff and I still worked together at the time and he knew I had been a runner in a previous life. He convinced me to come join the club (you just show up and you're a member) and I haven't looked back since. My foot has finally healed and I've been able to run consistently since last June, which, after not physically being able to run for over 4 years, is a huge deal. Plus, I have met a lot of fun people and they all basically convinced me that I should join them at this race. Most of the people I run with did the half marathon, and a couple of us did the 5k. It was so fun to feel like part of a team again, and at least see lots of people I know.
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  1. I love the picture. So glad we took it. :) You did great that day!


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