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[A ton of links this weekend thanks to my failure to hit "post" both of the previous two weeks. Enjoy!]

The Myopia Boom (Really interesting. Even more reason to send kids outside more often.) 

10 Things You Didn't Know About Vitamin D (My dad, who is a doctor, has been frequently mentioning the need to get more vitamin D. He takes a supplement and wants us to, too. I haven't yet, but luckily it's getting nice outside so I can spend most of my day outdoors. Maybe I will try it anyway.)

How Smartphones Hurt Sleep (By now we all know that using electronics before bedtime is bad news, but here is more evidence with some graphs. I won't let us have electronics in the bedroom - no TV, no phones, no nothing - mostly for this reason.)

How To Raise Creative and Self-Reliant Free Range Kids

Sleep Better at Night by Increasing Your Daytime Light Exposure

Your Internet Habits Create Your Reality

Funny / Awesome
Florida Hotel Wakes up Spring Breakers by Playing "Circle of Life" ("Wakes up" at 11am. Still, I want this to happen to me.)

The Internet can be a wonderful place. This series is basically the best thing ever (read in order):
1. Who is This Man and Why Are His Photos Showing Up On My Phone?
2. How I Became a Minor Celebrity in China (After My Stolen Phone Ended Up There)
3. I Followed My Stolen iPhone Across the World, Became a Celebrity in China, and Found a Friend for Life

Things You Should Never Say to Women Working in Tech or Science (or ANY field. Don't even.)

MakerBot Lays Off 100 Employees, Closes All Retail Stores (Guess you can no longer go to the MakerBot store in NYC, which is a shame because it was awesome! I wonder what this means for the future of consumer 3D printing.)

You Can Now Google "Find My Phone" To Locate Your Lost Android Device (It works!)

A couple of articles via Eric about the Cincinnati Reds

Oh, poor Cubbies. (Also via Eric)
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