San Diego: USS Midway

After leaving Cabrillo National Monument, we headed down to the USS Midway

We have seen several aircraft carriers at this point, but this one was special because it's where they keep trying to play basketball games. Who had brilliant idea to play basketball on an aircraft carrier, at night, on the ocean, where there's a lot of condensation? Silly sports. The only thing on display in the whole carrier that even alluded to the failed attempt at basketball was this signed Syracuse ball. There wasn't even a write up about what it was there for.

Anyway, the Midway is pretty cool as far as aircraft carriers go. It is much bigger than the others we have been on.

It's not exactly cheap to get in (we usually try to do things that are free or on the cheap side while we're on vacation, unless it's one really of those Must Do's); even with our student ID's, it was $15 a person. I don't know if I can really say it was worth $15. We really wanted to do it because of the basketball thing, and it's a cool ship, but I'd have been way happier paying $10-12. (That's just my opinion though. I don't really have any military/navy/etc ties, so it might be worth it to you if so.)

We did get to sit in the cockpit of a few planes, which was cool.

In one of the rooms below deck, they show a movie about landing and taking off on a carrier. (Have you seen Top Gun?) It's so crazy and scary. I would not be good for this job.

On the outside down a block or so is a cool monument. We parked down by the waterfront area (not in the museum parking garage) and passed by this on our way from there to the ship.

Have you ever seen an aircraft carrier? Or Top Gun? I only recently saw the entirety of that lack of movies seen is slowly being remedied.
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