Atlanta, GA: Final Four Bracket Town

We couldn't get into the Georgia Dome for the championship game until 6pm, so we spent the time between eating at The Varsity and the game at Bracket Town.

With our tickets to the Final Four games, we each received a one-day admission pass to Bracket Town. If you didn't have game tickets or wanted to go for multiple days, the entrance fee was $10 for adults. We assumed that we'd only want to go for one day (which ended up being true), and we had planned on going on Monday (which was the last day to go), so everything worked out well.

Bracket Town is basically a bunch of fun things you can wait in line for a long time to do. It is also mostly a lot of ads and publicity for the sponsors. But it is actually kind of fun. At least it was for me, because I like things like this. We tried to hit home runs with wiffle balls (we didn't hit any long balls but I did manage to hit 3 of the 4 balls she pitched to me, which is kind of a miracle). They also have soccer, basketball, football, and most other major sports set up for you to play with.

There are also lots of areas to get free samples of various foods and drinks. Coke had a bunch of their "mix your own drink" vending machines set up to try out (spoiler: you don't really get to mix what you want). There are also lots of events you can sign up for, like 3v3 basketball tournaments. We didn't play in any of those, but some of the people participating were pretty good.

I think Bracket Town is fun for an afternoon. We spent a lot of time waiting in line to do things (the wiffle ball line took us around 45 minutes to get through). I remember at Indianapolis they had all sorts of crazy things set up like a zip line, but there wasn't anything particularly interesting at Atlanta. However, it was pretty fun and some good entertainment for a day for fairly cheap.

Anybody ever been to Bracket Town in another city? How did it compare to this?

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