Atlanta, GA: Championship Game

After getting our fill of Bracket Town, we made our way over to the Georgia Dome to watch the Championship Game.

The championship game was between Michigan and Louisville. Obviously this match up was not ideal (read: IU was supposed to be here, and as previously stated, Wichita St was supposed to beat Louisville), but as far as things go, at least there was a clear option to cheer for. I hate Louisville. I also spend a lot of time hating on Michigan (I live with a guy from Ohio, for goodness' sake), but I made an exception for them this time. Big Ten pride always wins out.

The game itself was pretty good. We were invested and thoroughly upset at Michigan by the end.

But, you know, it was kind of fun to be around for the experience. It wasn't as heartbreaking as if one of my teams had been there...mostly I was just mad that Louisville won (well, I guess at least it wasn't Syracuse). Here is where I apologize to all my wonderful friends who root for Michigan. You guys all know I was screaming my heart out at this game for your team.

And going to the Final Four in itself was pretty awesome. We put in our names for the lottery for next year (Texas!) already, so hopefully we'll get seats again! And hopefully teams we truly care about will be there.

What's your philosophy for sports rooting?
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