Atlanta, GA: Concert Series (sort of) and CNN Building

The Final Four is more than just basketball. These days the hosts also provide all kinds of other entertainment during the time when there are no games (and also to capitalize on all the people who live in the city who might not have tickets to the games). One of the really cool parts about the weekend is the Concert Series. Back in 2010 when Indianapolis hosted the Final Four, I went to the Goo Goo Dolls concert and it was basically the best thing ever (Goo Goo Dolls are one of my favorite, if not favorite, bands).

The main headliners in Atlanta were the Dave Matthews Band and Sting. I mean, seriously. For free. Can you really pass that up? (There are other concerts on other nights, but we weren't super interested in those.) We had planned to go to the concert after the baseball game was over. We knew it would probably be really crowded and figured that by then, there was no chance we'd be able to see much of anything. But we progressed slowly to the downtown area where the concert was held. The plan was to go park the car back at our hotel and walk to the concert, but we decided to drop the dads off at the concert area so they wouldn't have to walk that far. was packed. It took us almost an hour after dropping the dads off to get back to the hotel (which was maybe a mile and a half away). We had extremely limited cell service and by the time the dads got through to us, they were pretty much over the whole thing. They couldn't see Sting even with the giant screens, and they pretty much couldn't hear either. And none of us are too fond of massive crowds. So we walked down there and met them at the CNN Building for dinner, instead of going to the concert. On the walk down we spotted this enormous basketball hoop in the parking lot of the Georgia Dome.

The CNN Building has all sorts of things inside, but we were most concerned about finding food.

We were also distracted by the giant March Madness Bracket that was set up inside. Here is just the final four and championship bracket lines, but it had the whole tournament in super-sized fashion.

If we had been able to deal with the crowds and able to hear the musicians, the concert would have probably been fun. It was definitely fun in Indianapolis, but I got there really early and had great seats. We don't really feel like we missed out on anything, though, since we were really there for basketball :)
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