Silver Spring, MD: Piratz Tavern

After hiking in Shenandoah, Eric thought it would be an awesome idea to get all his friends to go to Piratz Tavern in Silver Spring. His ideas do not usually disappoint, and this was no exception.

The story behind this bar was that it used to be a pirate bar/restaurant that people didn't really go to. Then some Bar Rescue show "rescued" it and turned it into Corporate Bar & Grill. A day later, the staff mutinied and turned it back into Piratz. How can you seriously hear that story and not want to check it out? We very rarely eat out so having all those people around was a good excuse to check it out.

I completely failed to take any pictures besides this one of our rum cake with a pirate flag. The rum cake was pretty good (read: very rummy). Also, it had a pirate flag in it.

The staff are all dressed as pirates, and most of them will talk to you like a pirate. I think that is the best part. One of the waiters basically sounded like Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow...the whole night. It was awesome. (Disclaimer: I love stuff like this.) The food was all right (some people liked what they got, some didn't) and a bit on the pricey side, at least to those of us who still haven't acclimated to how expensive things are out here. They have an enormous rum menu, and the drinks were pretty good but also expensive. They made up a recipe for grog which involves lots of rum and some spices. Pretty good after the 3rd sip, intense before then.
It was a fun night for pirate-themed things, people dressed up as pirates, talking like a pirate, and having a good time with some friends, that's for sure.
Silver Spring, MD: Piratz Tavern Silver Spring, MD: Piratz Tavern Reviewed by Maria on 2:32:00 PM Rating: 5

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