Chapel Hill, NC: Carolina Brewery

On our way down to Atlanta, we stopped at our favorite place to eat in Chapel Hill, the Carolina Brewery. Obviously as the name states, it's a brewery, which is one of the things that drew us to it in the first place, since we love our local craft breweries. Eric did his Master's at UNC and was there for 2 years, so I spent a lot of time in Chapel Hill and loved it. It is by far my favorite place we've lived so far.

The Carolina Brewery should not be confused with the Carolina Brewing Company, which is a totally different brewery that is not located in Chapel Hill. We've had some of their beers too (oh, wonderful grocery stores that carry beer), but we've never been to their brewery so I can't comment on it.

Carolina Brewery is one of those brewpubs where you can a bunch of their equipment behind the bar. I really love how it looks. I like shiny things and the whole restaurant has also got a kind of rustic-but-cozy feel to it (brick walls but dim lighting).

They have the names of all the brews they've ever made on wood signs and also all around the ceiling. They change their beers pretty often (at the very least, seasonally) and sometimes have offerings from other Carolina breweries on tap too.

My favorite of theirs is probably the Copperline Amber Ale, mostly because my favorite kind of beer style is amber ale, but we've never had a bad beer here. And we used to come here fairly frequently. The couple of times we've traveled south from DC, we have tried to time it so that we can stop here for either lunch or dinner (and also see anyone we/Eric still know in town). Ahh Chapel Hill.

The food is pretty good here too. I usually get a burger or pulled pork. There's also an upstairs. When there are sports games on this place is packed.

Also I had to show you this awesome peach water tower we saw in South Carolina on the drive down. We question why it's in South Carolina and not Georgia (land of peaches), but hey, giant peach!
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