Phoenix, AZ: SABR Day 3

The third day of SABR was probably my favorite (you can read about day 1 and day 2 here). People were comfortable, nobody seemed too exhausted yet, and two really awesome things happened to me/us. I didn't take a lot of pictures because I needed to save my phone's battery; later this night we were going to the Phoenix Suns vs Houston Rockets game, but UNC was playing Duke and we needed to be able to watch it.

If you want to see what was talked about that day, you can check out the full schedule with videos on the SABR website.

As for us, I managed to get Brian Kenny's autograph. Oh yeah. During one of the panels, he was sitting just two seats down from us! Eric noticed and motioned to me, and I got brave and asked him for an autograph. He was super nice and friendly, and at first got excited that I (a girl other than his wife) would be watching his show on MLB Network. I had to admit that we don't have MLB Network (I know! egads!), but I do follow Clubhouse Confidential (his show) on Twitter and we get instead. Anyway. It was pretty cool.

I also got Billy Hamilton's autograph. I mean, for reals. Anyone who follows the Reds knows this guy is going to be the next big thing. He's our top prospect, broke the minor league base stealing record last season, and if he could figure out how to bat in the big leagues, will really go somewhere. There was a booth giving away baseball cards and I mentioned that I was looking for Reds cards...and suddenly found a very shiny autographed Billy Hamilton card. ;) Pretty much made my entire day. And then I got Brian Kenny's autograph and it was even better.
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