Nashville, IN: Run Ride at Schooner Valley Stables

With the Kentucky Derby on last weekend and the weather finally, finally nice, I thought it was high time to be on a horse. Since we've been in Bloomington, I've only gotten to ride a couple of times, but I grew up spending good chunks of my summers around horses and I love riding. One of my "Bloomington Bucket List" items was to take one last ride in Brown County, and yesterday was perfect to do so. 

I called* Schooner Valley Stables and they had room for me on their 3pm run ride. A run ride means you get to move faster than a trot - for more experienced riders. At most places, the trail rides you typically get to take are geared for slower moving participants, and Schooner Valley is the only place around that offers these running rides.

*(You can also book with them online if you do it more than 1 day in advance. They have time slots at 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and sometimes 5pm depending on the season.)

My horse was named River.

The trail runs through beautiful Brown County and brushes up against Yellowwood State Forest. Everything has finally turned green, and with the bright blue sky and 80-degree sunshine, the scenery was just perfect. Of course, fall in Brown County is the really popular time, and all the trail rides will book up quick, so plan ahead. Spring is a great time to go, though - fewer bugs! (I did put bug spray on before this, however, because mosquitos think I am the best food they've ever had.)

Hour long rides are $35. Two tips: Schooner Valley offers a punch card (ride 6 times, get your 7th free) so make sure to pick one up if you think you'll be back often. And generally offers a gift card priced at $21! (And every so often BtownBuys offers extra discounts on top of that, so sign up for their mailing list.) An hour long horse ride where you get to run for $21 probably can't be beat.

Our guide, trail, and horses were all great. I would definitely come back here if I get another chance to ride before we leave.

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