Spencer, IN: McCormick's Creek State Park Frozen Waterfall

We still have a couple more days of extremely cold weather this week, so do yourself a favor, get outside, and go see a frozen waterfall.

This is the waterfall at McCormick's Creek State Park, just east of Spencer and about 15-20 minutes from Bloomington west on 46.


I had never seen a frozen falls in person before and it really took my breath away, especially knowing what the waterfall looks like in every other season. I am happy that I got to experience it because it hasn't really been cold enough for most of the time we've lived here for this to have happened.

These photos were taken about 10am this morning (Jan 3) when it was 12 degrees outside. There was still the sound of running water, so it's not totally frozen - listen to this clip to hear it and birds chirping away:

I wanted to go down to the creek and get some photos with the falls themselves, but the path down looked positively treacherous. Several inches of ice coated the stairs (in the non-winter months, the stairs are always soaking wet, so this makes sense) and I didn't want to risk falling.

Entrance is free right now to the park, so why not check it out! The roads were all clear today, the trails are clear but for a dusting of snow and leaves, and the only part I wouldn't recommend is the ice stairs (the stairs leading down to trail 3 are totally fine).

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