Bloomington Bucket List

After living here nearly five years, we only have a few more months in this little town, and I want to make the most of it. Here's what's on my bucket list of things to definitely do before we move. If you have a suggestion for what to add, please put it in the comments! I have intentionally started the list off small with the things I most want to do. It'll be updated periodically, until I complete them all or we move this summer.

New Things

  • Try out the new tea room in Fountain Square Mall
  • Take in a show at the Comedy Attic
  • Go to the maple syrup tapping at Hinkle-Garton Farmstead
  • Take a tour of the greenhouse at Jordan Hall
  • Visit the Lilly Library
  • See the flying squirrels for real (instead of just hearing them) at Hickory Ridge Fire Tower

Things I Want To Do Again

  • Visit Cardinal Spirits for brunch and dinner, going at least once during patio season (thanks @cardinalspirits!)
  • Enjoy Devour Btown dining week
  • Dine again at the Tap (of course), and Scenic View, at least once for brunch when it's nice outside; also visit our favorite restaurants: Mother Bear's, My Thai, Irish Lion
  • One more boat rental on Lake Monroe and a kayak or canoe rental on Lake Griffy
  • Little 500 if it's not miserable weather

Things Outside of Bloomington (Somewhere Else in Indiana)


  • Eat more* GCBs at Marvin's while I'm in such close proximity to it (*thanks, Brian, for the correction)

  • Visit TC Steele Historic Site in both winter and spring (idea thanks to Mary Ann Woerner!)
  • Go tobogganing at Pokagon State Park (idea reminder thanks to Chris @photographyinfocus!) completed 1/6/18
  • Rent a houseboat on Patoka Lake 

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  1. Have you not had a GCB??! Or, do you just want to make sure to have another before you go?

    1. I have eaten approximately 100 GCBs in my lifetime. I just want to eat more while I am so close! (Department social activity?? Does anybody else eat them?)


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