Indianapolis, IN: Pacers vs New Orleans Pelicans (3/24/16)

Our day in Indianapolis finished up with an NBA game - the Indianapolis Pacers vs the New Orleans Pelicans. We headed to Banker's Life Fieldhouse (where they had an IU exhibit set up; we could see how big the feet of current and former IU players were in comparison to ours, although we're not sure how accurate it is) from Sun King and went to find out seats.

The Pacers are trying to stay in playoff contention (they are in 7th place right now). For Eric's birthday his mom got him tickets to this game because Anthony Davis plays for the Pelicans. Davis is tearing it up - or was, until literally the Monday before this game when he was shut down for the rest of the season. So that was a pretty big bummer - we had been excited to see him play in the NBA in person.

The game was still fun to go to. We had one of the two female referees in the NBA officiating (Lauren Holtkamp), which was cool.

The seats we had were the best I have ever had at an NBA game (row 13, near center court) and that made the game really fun. We could hear a lot more of what was going on, and we could see parts of Banker's Life we had never noticed before.

Luckily the Pacers pulled out a win. Even if we didn't get to see Anthony Davis play, we still enjoyed watching the others.

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