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  • The Stories that Bind Us -- the "Do You Know" Questions (Having a close-knit, communication-friendly family helps you out in life in all kinds of ways. I hope my kids will listen to stories from us, their grandparents, their other relatives, etc.; I know my favorite part of any family get-together is hearing stories I've never heard before.)
  • Why These Nine Famous Thinkers Walked So Much (I love taking walks. I usually get either great ideas or a peaceful mind.)
  • Death of a Conversation (I have mentioned it before, but I want to institute a no-smartphone-use rule during mealtimes, no matter who we're with. I would say that this is a stupid new modern technology problem, but my parents actually had to institute a no-reading-books-at-the-table rule when we were young so that my brother and I would talk at dinner instead of devour a book; we used to be constantly reading. I think it's more a decency/politeness issue than anything.)


  • DIY: Homemade Peppermint Patties (I looove peppermint patties. This looks like a good recipe. Recently, I had some organic ones made with just honey, peppermint extract, and dark chocolate. I am going to try to recreate them!)
  • Interactive Butcher Counter (I never know what kind of meat to use in what dish. This will be useful!)

  • TransferCar (This is such a great idea. You can move rental cars (or even RVs) from place-to-place at little to no cost to you. This would be a cheap road trip adventure, as long as you lived somewhere that needed a car moved, and wanted to go to where that car was headed.)

Computer Science/Education

  • Female academics: don't power dress, forget heels, and no flowing hair allowed (I do think a lot about what I'm going to wear to school each day. I dress up and wear heels when I can because I definitely look like a student when I don't -- I'm short and only four years older than my seniors. I almost always wear my hair down. But I actually have a lot more freedom of dress now than I did when working in IT (I wasn't allowed to wear heels even if I wanted to -- it was very masculine-defined clothing: khaki (or dark) dress pants and polo shirts were expected). Stuff to think about.)
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