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  • In Search of Darkness: An Interview with Paul Bogard (One reason, of many, that I hate cities: there are no stars. We were driving back from Tennessee a couple weekends ago and could see so many stars while driving out in rural Indiana...but there were also still tons of lights on, in people's houses and driveways. It bothered me. One of my favorite parts of camping is being able to see an uninterrupted night sky.)
  • When Yogurt Affects the Brain (The gut biome is my latest health fascination. I can't eat yogurt twice a day, but I do go on yogurt-kicks where I eat it for breakfast each week day. I will try to see if I notice any changes. PS. Yogurt is also just good for women's health in general. PPS. All the yogurt I've eaten in Europe, of which I've had a lot, has positively trounced the flavor/quality of yogurt in the USA. Just saying.)
  • Top 5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need a Good Night's Sleep (Really ought to be named why all people need a good night's sleep!)
  • Food Allergies (Another article similar to one I posted a few weeks ago, but with a simple explanation of the study on the mice.)
  • The Skills We've Lost to Technology (and how to get them back) (For reasons unknown, I still have my 4th grade best friend's home phone number still memorized. I haven't talked to her in 15 years and as far as I know, her family no longer has that number. I also memorize license plates just for fun; moreso in the past as a kid but I find myself doing it again on my drive to work, to see if I ever travel with the same people.)
  • Deep Habits: Don't Web Surf During the Day (The days I don't look around on the Internet are the days I get the most stuff done.)



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