Brown County State Park, Nashville, IN: Hesitation Point, Hohen Point, and Other Vistas

This past weekend, hoping for some of its famous fall foliage, we went on a small excursion to Brown County State Park. It rained Friday night, but thankfully Saturday morning turned out to be a beautiful, but chilly, 40 degree day. We bundled up, picked up our friend D, and drove 25 minutes east to the West Entrance to the park. (The park costs $5 per carload with an Indiana plate; it's $6 for out-of-state plates.)

BCSP is very well known for its fall foliage. Tourists come from all over the country (even the world) to see the rolling hills of south-central Indiana colored like a patchwork quilt. I'm lucky to have grown up around here, and I've seen some really nice fall colors on drives through Brown County. Unfortunately for us this weekend, we must have missed the real show by a week or two, as most of the trees were still green. However, it was still incredibly beautiful and we took time to stop at a few viewing areas, as well as go hiking. I will write about our hikes separately, but here are some photos of our views from around the park. We stopped at Hesitation Point (probably the most well known vista), Hohen Point, and one unnamed other viewing area on the map.

Hesitation Point greets you soon after passing through the West Entrance. It'll be on your left. It will make you wonder if you're really still in Indiana.

The unnamed pull off viewing area on the map (these were taken from the parking lot area below Hohen Point) gave us these nice views to the southwest.

BCSP is nicknamed the "Little Smokies", and with views like these, it's not hard to see why.

We also stopped at Hohen Point, another beautiful view. While we were there, an older couple appeared from coming up the mountainside, looking a little winded but very happy. It turned out that they had carved their names into a tree over 16 years ago when they were engaged, and they had returned to find that tree, which they did. Then they told us to not carve our names on a tree that's halfway down the mountain. It was cute :)

I definitely recommend heading over to Brown County State Park in any season, but especially in fall. Right now the landscape is just beautiful. Even if you only have a little bit of time and won't be able to hike or horseback ride, at least drive through the park (there is a loop you can take). You will not be sorry!
Brown County State Park, Nashville, IN: Hesitation Point, Hohen Point, and Other Vistas Brown County State Park, Nashville, IN: Hesitation Point, Hohen Point, and Other Vistas Reviewed by Maria on 6:05:00 PM Rating: 5


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