Fall Break


This past week was my week-long fall break. Since Eric doesn't get to take off a week in October, I adventured around the state mostly by myself this week and had a fun time. Fall is my very favorite time of the year in Indiana. The weather this week was simply amazing - sunny and 70s/80s every day - and I tried to take advantage of it. I'll try to have posts up in a timely manner in case you are interested in enjoying the next month or so of fall in this part of the state.

In the meantime, here's a list of everything I did:

- Had ballroom dance lessons and dinner with friends afterward at Function Brewing Company
- Did a 6.5 mile hike with friends at Paynetown SRA at Lake Monroe
- Enjoyed a bottle of wine with friends at Oliver Winery
- Ate dinner at Lennie's/Bloomington Brewing Company with those friends
- Watched a lot of football, including watching the Colts lose to the Patriots for the millionth time (I didn't say everything about my break was good)
- Went on a short hike with Eric at McCormick's Creek State Park
- Ate lunch at Kiku Sushi
- Got a massage at Tranquil Vibe Day Spa
- Spent several hours at the Monroe County Public Library
- Carved pumpkins with friends
- Drove to French Lick and West Baden (exceptionally beautiful drive)
- Tasted wine at the French Lick Winery
- Rode the French Lick Scenic Railway
- Walked around the French Lick Springs Hotel
- Gambled at the French Lick Casino
- Took a walking tour of the West Baden Springs Hotel
- Rode the historic trolley in between the French Lick and West Baden hotels
- Walked across the longest historic covered bridge in the USA in Medora
- Ate lunch at the soda fountain at the Salem Apothecary
- Went to the Depot Museum in Salem (a train museum)
- Tasted wine at Huber's Orchard and Winery
- Rode the wagons to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard at Huber's
- Enjoyed the view from Cutright SRA at Lake Monroe
- Saw Back to the Future at the IU Cinema on Back to the Future Day (Oct 21. 2015)
- Tasted wine at Butler Winery (at the location in town)
- Ate lunch at Sushi Haru
- Drove out to the longest train trestle in the country (3rd longest in the world), the Tulip Trestle, which happens to be about 40 minutes from Bloomington
- Spent time at Shakamak State Park
- Went to my beer running club like usual on Thursdays at Quaff On Brewing Company
- Got a foot massage at Studio 2Ten
- Went garage sale-ing with a friend
- Got a manicure at Nails Salon
- Went to lunch at Sweetea's in Nashville with my mom, grandma, and two aunts
- Tried two different places to go horseback riding with my aunts but the wait was too long
- Tasted wine and had a couple glasses on the deck at the Brown County Winery
- Had more wine with my aunts and uncles at one of their houses in Bloomington
- Went to ballroom dance lessons and had a birthday celebration dinner with friends at Upland Brewing Company
- Went to the farmer's market with friends
- Stopped by the Studio 2Ten Open House
- Played a lot of Dominion with Eric (he won every single game)
- Went to Hoosier Hysteria with Eric
- Ate dinner at Mother Bear's with Eric
- Attended a housewarming/birthday party with lots of friends
- Watched the Colts almost kind of try to win a football game (and fail)

Written out it sounds like a pretty busy week, but it didn't really feel like it going through. I didn't hit everything I wanted to, but I did get to do a lot of fun things. I really enjoy exploring all kinds of places and am lucky I got to take a week to do so.
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